nah. let’s talk about it. i’m not numb. i’m mad. 
i’m really mad. i can’t believe this motherfucker. 
i get high and get through it. i got through it. 
did you notice that i miss you 
i can’t believe my chaotic
i’m trying to slow down

this is not what i wish it was
what i wish it were
i wish i was Audre
i wish i could reach you 
i wish i could heal you
i wish you would read all my poems 

I wish you’d tell me to slow down 

who was that i was just talking to
i go so far away in my head 
i know what it’s like to dream of far away from far away
lately it’s hard to come back 
when i feel you calling i call right back 
from a distance i feel her wrath it tries to reach me
i’m protected 

something is wrong isn’t it 
i can’t tell where or who exactly
something is wrong 
or am i wrong in my head again
i can be so sure and be so wrong later

i’m high as shit so it’s bearable