There’s a lot going. Maybe. I’m still in it. Never good to dissect as it happens, so i’ll let it happen around me. And these are the days before becoming. What? I do not know. I have yet to get there, though it all morphs into one. I will try to say bitch less, especially your bitch, I will try to say my bitch less, especially her bitch. Yours is mine too but i’ll try to say it less. I’ll try to say it less and give my work a new perspective. 

What will I uncover and what faces will come to me? I do not know. Joyce M. is a new character that has arrived. She’s a writer she’s sort of dull and ... grey? She’s slow but steady, she’s really slow. She sits in her chair and she writes. It’s not very funny. Things will get weird, maybe. It’s nice not knowing. It’s nice to just keep going. 

If I keep feeding my artist my artist will keep me alive.