Church Service - Excerpt
Falling in love with her all those years ago will crumble down into a moment of panic in 19 minutes from now. He’s aged well. Everyone knew he would. Peppered hair and candy eyes, what a friendly reflection. He is so much love and so much patience. He is so aware and so with youth.

Having a daughter surely saved him. Not on some rapper bullshit, but really really saved him. He did everything that he could for us. I mean, he had to. He loved her he really did but I wish he would at least once admit that she was so half ass when she was being the way that she was, my mother. I’m not saying she was a bad mom, she just didn’t have the patience that you need to teach a 4 year old how to do math. You know what I mean? She was always somewhere else.

And the tears, my god the fucking tears. They never stopped. He just learned to live with them. Those tears. It’s Just My Science, she would say.

I stopped reacting to her tears at an early age. But my father, and god bless him, loved my mother too much —this I know for sure.