With Xylo Leon— 1.1.2021
Toronto, ON

Colour and Light study with my daughter, Xylo. She’s been creating a lot of something she refers to as glitter rock. She makes it from scratch. She learned about sedimentation through Ms. Frizzle and she applied that method into her work. She uses a hammer to create the dust from jewlery and other sparkly objects she can find. She makes the pigmentation herself. She uses various types of glues and various types of paints and when I say various here I don’t mean in colours, that’s a given, what I mean is that she will purposefuly expose various amounts of paints to air for varying periods of time before putting in the rock particles because otherwise it won’t dry into the right texture. I take pictures of everything she creates. As a form of meditation we play with light and colour together everyday. I take pictures of pieces of her work and we edit them together. Or she will use the remains of whatever project I’m working on and incorporate it into her work that day. Last week she made a fairy angel out of my dead flowers. She painted the roses a very dark purple. Her edits are the last two. She wants you to know that it’s not that she doesn’t like mine, it’s that she likes hers better. I hope our warmth can reach you.