ramble: what i’m doing right now is the research i need to be able to make this performance possible. it’s funny in a way because as i read the script, i am taking directions from myself. i’ve never got this far before so it’s a new experience for me. words are so important and a good way to invite new words into your world is through research and creative connections with art and artists outside of your immediate realm. once you connect with others creatively make sure you use your time wisely.

situation: i was asked to write for a magazine, they accepted my proposal to hand in my piece as a monologue, my other editor (and hopefully future agent) introduced me to the concept of cross-genre writing/ anti-genre prose. her teaching me those concepts helped me believe in my idea with confidence. everything is possible when i remember i am an artist and this is my art. my art is whatever i say and whatever the audience needs it to be.