Should I Start Here? — 10.30.2020
Toronto, ON
Tania Peralta

Should I start here?

Should I start here? It’s a shame you’re not around to see who I am when you’re not around. I think everyone likes me. Certainly from afar you know I’m a star. The sun, actually. Your world. It’s me. I control this. Only I can hold this. Come on papi, you know this. You know what it’s like. You see what I’m like. You hold me.

When I see my bitch I know it’s a reaction. Magnet. I want to fuck her the way my man fucks me. Magnet. Instant. When I see my girl I know it’s a reaction. I’m an. Animal. I feel myself react. Magnet. Instant. Right away I know she’s mine. I tell her with my eyes. I leave it alone.
How are you anyway?