: is this okay?
: is what okay?
: us, hugging like this
: yeah, we’re just hugging
: okay
: okay
: this is enough for me 
: yeah, this is enough for me too
: for now
: yeah, for now

Expression is vital and it’s imperative that these words be written before they escape me. An idea came to me moments ago and it has already vanished. What I have come to cherish the most is my memory while simultaneously also fearing it equally.  Expression is vital. Everything is about me and everything is kind of sad. I need to write these words down before they escape me. What I have been doing is spending an immeasurable amount of time dreaming and projecting myself into alternative realities so close to home that I often feel lucid, erratic. I have let myself, for decades, for my whole life, exist in several places at once. All of them are the real me somehow. I’m a writer. I’m an artist. Everything is about me and everything is an opportunity for expression.