It’s Today Again — 10.28.2020
Toronto, ON
Tania Peralta

It’s Today Again

I’ll have to try with new words, maybe not new, but at least different, at least a variety of them. the sentences will be long of course and they will be short and they will go on for too long too. i’ll have to practice of course, and try not to say like so much or of course so much. i will try and try until new words come, until a new message comes. it must. won’t it? something new will come soon. i woke up and said hey i’m not feeling well. and the silence. well the silence that fills the room after i say that is. well. it’s freightening. you’re not saying i’m always not well. are you. i’m not always not well. am i. something new will come soon. a new message will come soon. i will be better soon. i will get better with my not so better soon. until then, i need some charcoal.  
How are you anyway?