Full Method — 11.25.2020
Toronto, ON
Tania Peralta

Full Method

There was not much I could say without causing worry. And there was not much joy that needed to be public. Those moments. Now more than ever. Need to be protected. I have been going slower and saying less. And still I could go slower and say a little less. I have revisted performance and what that means today and what that means for me. What does it mean to be comfortable. What does it mean to inflict. What does it mean to disrupt. I need a stage on this site. It’s exhausting trying to perform under these circumstances. I find myself always having to explain myself to you. I don’t want to explain. I want to enter and pour. I want to explore. I want to break and be me. I’m borderline full method. If I go full method I’ll just go. I’ll simply go. If I go full method, I might actually get the fuck out of here. In the meantime, I have put it into book form. It will be ready. Soon. Its name is Lilith in Pisces, or My Other Worlds. Or maybe it will be called **** ***** ****. I think that’s the one. And before I go, tell me are you an artist? Are you an artist artist? Tell me your answer outloud. Say it outloud. Say it outloud. Are you an artist? Are you an artist artist? Have you been letting yourself be?
How are you anyway?