Endless — 12.17.2020
Toronto, ON


What is it with women in their 20s and wanting to kill themselves. I fascinate about tranformation but I can’t let go of the past long enough to get there. Change of mind. Change of actions. Come to me. I’ll be different now. I’m different now. I swear. From a distance I can feel the wrath trying to reach me. I am protected. I feel far away. Come to think of it you got exactly what you came for. When everything is exploding I feel your bitches lips on my face. I think I’d like her to stay. I think I’d like you to go. I think if I had to say sorry I wouldn’t know where to begin. Endless. Endless. Endless. I’m sorry. It goes on and on and on and it goes. I’m sorry. Endless. Endless. Endless. I’m sorry. 
How are you anyway?